Masturbation has grown in popularity over the last decade, moving from a  last resort for many men, to preferring it as their sexual fulfillment. More now than ever Masturbation among friends and partners is being seen as a healthy male bonding method, and doctors across the globe are endorsing it. As a result the DickStick is always looking for new retail partners to carry this premium one of kind product, putting it into more hands than our website can reach.

Our retail partners succeed in different ways than an online transaction can, we see that men, who have partners that do not condone masturbation, need access to our product through other methods and that's where a retail environment is really best.

The DickStick is sold direct to Retail Stores and on MyDickStick.com, without the hassle of distribution. Inventory can be produced within a few days, making it available for restock quickly. MyDickStick.com does not wish to compete with its retailers by placing the product on sale for lower than the MSRP of $15, the only exception to this is the BlackFriday and Cyber Monday sale which is only once per year, for a total of 48 hours. At this time we will extend the same opportunity to The DickStick retailers at a discounted Wholesale rate, at the time of reorder. 

For More information on selling The Dickstick in your retail store, please fill out the Wholesale Opportunity form below or email Ryan@myDickStick.com, and we will get back to you within 24hours to discuss the opportunity.