Do you ship discreetly?
Yes, your package will come in a black bubble mailer, the return shipping information will simply say "DS-Products". The Exception to this is international orders, due to customs requirements outside of the US, we cannot change the name of the contents on that customs form attached to the front of the package.

What will show on my credit card statement?
Your statement will read "DS-Products" some processors will show our phone number, however information on the contents of the transaction will never be given under any circumstances, only confirmation that the transaction was made, date and time.

My Package shows Returned To Sender.
Be sure and include any unit, apartment, or other identifying numbers when entering your address. We are happy to ship your order back out with revised information, however you will be charged for shipping a second time.

Is it safe for anal and oral sex?
The DickStick does not have any FDA approval, therefore legally we cannot indicate that it is safe for internal use, however the main ingredient is Coconut Oil, as well as other food grade materials.

Can it be used with toys?
In our testing the contents of The DickStick have not harmed the toy itself, and has not deteriorated the toy in any way. The toys we have tested with range from high end toys found in specialty shops down to toys found on Amazon. While we don't guarantee that it will not harm toys, we cant guarantee anything.

What are the ingredients?
The Main Ingredient in The DickStick is Coconut Oil, it also contains other food grade petroleum based products to prolong the integrity of your bate.

Do you ship outside of the U.S.?
We do ship outside of the US, the price for shipping outside of the US does vary by country, pricing is based on the USPS postage rates along with their partners postage rates. Time to destination varies greatly depending on the efficiency of your postal service. Prices for internation orders are shown at Checkout, Domestic orders are a flat rate of $5 per item.

Returns Policy?
The DickStick is non-refundable, with that said we have NEVER had anyone want to return their order. Should you have any issues with your order simply reach out to Ryan@myDickStick.com, and let's talk through your concerns. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase!

Is there a scent associated with The DickStick?
The DickStick is manufactured with Refined Coconut Oil which means it is tasteless and has no scent at all. The reality is that unrefined coconut old smells like burnt plastic, and the scent of a Pina Colada is actually manufactured by the drink companies.

Is the DickStick Hydrophobic?
Yes! That is one of the greatest things we have found about The DickStick, its a hit at pool parties, imagine all those guys in or out of the pool stroking together, its an amazing bonding tool!

Can I eat The DickStick? 
No, it's not edible, also thats gross.

What makes the DickStick Amazing?
The DickStick was born out of a need for a masturbation lubricant marketed to men and allowed on an airplane. The DickStick shares the same consistency as that stuff in the white and blue container so many bators are familiar with, but is packaged in a Round Black Roll Up Style Container for ease of use no matter where you are. The label is easily remove-able so that it can be kept among your other bathroom products without anyone knowing what it is. 

The DickStick is made from Refined Coconut Oil as well as a few other food grade materials, it is tasteless, scentless, and feels amazing on the skin. Simply apply it to your dick weather before or while achieving an erection, the stick is designed to melt on contact with your skin so theres no need to press hard just continue rubbing in on until its as slick as you want. The oils in The Dickstick repel pre-cum making it all the more slick the more you let your manhood flow. After a long period of use your skin will absorb the product, simply use saliva and go back to town, you can also just apply more. The stick will stay solid in a 75 degree or cooler environment, many bators leave it uncapped in the crack of their favorite bate space.

Another great property of The DickStick is that it is hydrophobic, meaning it is amazing for use in the shower or other clean water environment, we don't recommend using it in a lake or river, but it repels water so well that when we take it to a sexy pool party it is the talk of the party.

The Reality is that Masturbation is shamed everyday across the country, society makes you think it is either wrong or a last resort and that is simply not true. Regardless of age, Masturbation is healthy, it can help clear your mind, help you sleep, and bring you closer to those you share it with. No guy knows his dick better than his dominant hand, so why suppress it! The DickStick is on a mission to change the stigma around masturbation one stick at a time!